Will Using a Credit Card at a Casino Hurt My Credit Score?





Credit scores are based on the information reported in your credit reports. With that said, because debit cards are not reported in your credit reports, withdrawing money from an ATM with a debit card wouldnt affect your credit score at all. This means the actual transaction itself or the act of withdrawing cash from an ATM wouldnt have any impact on your credit score, regardless of the location of the ATM.

However, if you use your credit card for a cash advance — depending on the amount — it could lower your credit score if the withdrawal put you much closer to your available credit. Doing so could have a significant impact on your revolving utilization ratio, which is a factor in calculating your credit score.

That said, using a credit card for a cash advance inside of a Casino may have other consequences. For one, cash advances are expensive, often at interest rates of 20% or more.  And unlike other purchases, cash advances start accruing interest immediately, there is no grace period.

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